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Commercial Frames

With the increase in regional commercial construction, this might be a good time to feature interior architectural openings. We represent most quality US brand suppliers of aluminum and steel commercial openings. We would be pleased to fill you needs and offer assistance on all your related door and hardware requirements. We find RACO and Alpha to be popular in our area. They offer a quality product and responsible service.

Today, we are going to feature one of the top US brands of Aluminum interior frames. Modulex has ranked in the top tier of US producers for almost 40 years. Their precision built products are not only solid but present certain special features, such as the Self Mortising Reversible door frame.

The reason we are spot lighting Moduex is that it is produced locally. This lends a particular advantage in response and shipping times. Even with California's business disadvantage, Modulex ships a top of line product at a very competitive price. And we can quote and deliver SMR Frames faster than any local supplier.

More info on Modulex

FLEXIBLE: Doors can be raised or lowered as needed, without having to remove the frame
REVERSIBLE: Modulex frames can be reversed when door hanging problems arise during installation
HIGH-QUALITY: Fit and finish with 1/32nd tolerances